Claim Your Business


A registered user can claim a business listed by and thereafter update and manage the profile of the claimed business.  Follow the steps below to register , login , serach and claim your business listed on the site.  The process follows the following steps as given below

Register > Login > Search your Business > Submit Claim/Verify > Status Changed to Claimed

Step 1: Register with

If you want to claim your business than you should be a registered member

And to register to spot my biz you should follow following steps:





  1. Sign In –And if you have been already registered to the website than you should Sign In to claim your business.





Step 3: Search & Navigate to your business there you will find an option of “Own This Business”





Step 4: SpotMyBiz will verify with all your basic details and all you have to do is to cross check your details and then click o submit.





Step 5: Submit  As you will click on submit, Business claimed successfully message will appear on your screen and you will find your business as claimed.




Now you can use our Advanced search to locate and  claim your business listed with Spotmybiz.